Haunted Hitchhikers Embroidered Cardigan in Oversized Lavender & Purple Sweater (FINAL SALE) LARGE

$64.95 $39.95

"Ah, there you are! And just in time… there’s a little matter I forgot to mention — beware of hitchhiking ghosts!" Hold tight to your Doom Buggies, we have conjured up a NEW Spooky Sweater! Introducing our Haunted Hitchhikers Cardigan, inspired by our 3 favorite Hitchhiking ghost from the Haunted Mansion!

Original artwork from @TonyRay.Holiday exclusively for A Classic Paradise. Perfect for a fun Day in the park, looks great paired with your favorite Spooky Dress or causal outfit.


Fabric Content: 60% Cotton, 40% Polyester

Designed & Embroidered in Los Angeles, Sweater is Imported.